Udemy Teacher Training Review

It is tough being an educator. Always was, and probably always will be. In order to be a teacher, all you need to do is go to school and pass a test. But in order to be a real teacher you need motivation, commitment, ambition, a flare for knowledge, and a passion for people.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Udemy’s online education and teacher training courses are many and varied. There are almost 400 different courses on teaching and education. From life coaching and training, through captivating an audience with superior storytelling skills, to mastering Google Classroom’s cloud communication skills, there are many skills to learn and hone in the teach training section of Udemy.

Examples of courses in the teacher training category are: Record Voice Like a Pro: Recording Technique and Acoustics (Free), Udemy Insights: Double Your Udemy Course Sales ($247), Prezi for Educators ($19), and Teacher Tech Tips–Easily Boost Teacher & Student Success ($99).

Course Review: Teach Online Courses – How I Make $10,000 a Month on Udemy

One of the most popular courses in the Udemy teacher training category is Teach Online Courses: How I Make $10,000 a Month on Udemy, by instructor Phil Ebiner.  The most popular courses in the teaching category involve Udemy itself. There are instructors who teach online courses on how to… well, teach online courses. These are given by instructors who have won awards for their own online education, and who have been consistently innovative and successful in their endeavors.

Instructor Phil Ebiner

Instructor Phil Ebiner

Ebiner’s course teaches students how to build an online teaching career from scratch. He encourages those with a specific passion, knowledge, and interest to share their experience and expertise. The course teaches students to make money online and start an online brand, in a course which has 130 lectures and 16.5 hours of content.

The target audience of the course is anyone who is interested in turning their passion into a money-making endeavor. Teachers, business owners, and entrepreneurs will be able to gain a lot from this series of lectures.

Ebiner himself says that his passion is teaching others. He wants others to know how to take better photographs, shoot and edit videos like a professional, learn post-production after effects, design better-looking presentations, and make money while teaching online.

Course Review: Life Coaching & Life Coach Training

Another very popular course is Life Coaching & Life Coach Training, by instructor Maia Berens. Berens teaches the basics of how to become a life coach. She has 15+ years of experience in the field, coaching and mentoring many individuals.

The life coaching course she offers have over 16,000 students enrolled and 210 reviews, which give the course an overall 4.6 out of 5 star rating. Berens is the founder of YouUniversityCoaching.com, which helps trainees uncover their own distinctive traits. This enables them to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

Reviews of this course are mainly very positive, but there are those who expected more from it. One student, who ranked the course 2 stars, states that even though the course has a lot to say when it comes to starting a coaching business, it does not have very much to say in the way of practical coaching tips. The reviewing student goes on to recommend other courses on Udemy, which he believes are better than this one.

The best thing about this particular course is that it is taught by a real expert. Many Udemy instructors have experience and expertise, and this course’s instructor is no different. Berens is dedicated to growth and creativity, and she inspires her students to follow in her footsteps and move out of the past and into a life filled with possibilities. But the point of the course is not to turn students into alternate versions of Berens herself. She encourages students to find their own unique voice and space within the field of life coaching.

Course Review: Louisiana’s Licensing Regulations (Bulletin 137) Course 3

Instructor Nicholy Johnson

Instructor Nicholy Johnson

Being a teacher is not an easy thing. It doesn’t matter if you are teaching toddlers, teens, or adults. There are always basics and fundamentals which one should follow when attempting to convey ideas and information to others. Whether it is teaching online, teaching a class, or teaching oneself, it is a practice which requires commitment and dedication. Knowledge is acquired in different ways, and Udemy’s instructors are here to provide you with the tools you need to become a better teacher and a better student.

One course which I found to be very unique (and very specific) is Louisiana’s Licensing Regulations (Bulletin 137) – Course 3, instructed by Nicholy Johnson and Ashley Dorsey-Foster. It is part three of a four-part course, which focuses solely on regulation pertaining to the state of Louisiana. The course is meant for teachers, directors, administrators, and support staff of facilities which house “out of home” learning centers.

Instructor Ashley Dorsey-Foster

Instructor Ashley Dorsey-Foster

The two instructors are highly experienced in the field of early childhood and education. The course has 16 lectures, and about 2 hours of video content. It isn’t meant for the general public, really, but it is a perfect example of just how comprehensive (yet specific) the Udemy courses can be. From universal ideas which apply to everyone and anyone, to state-specific regulations and practices which apply only to certain individuals.

The course is offered for free, and is one of several courses which the two instructors teach on Udemy. Other courses they teach together are the three other parts of the Bulletin 137 series. Johnson also teaches a course titled A Closer Look at Louisiana’s Birth to Five Early Learning and Development Standards, along with fellow instructors JoAnn Clarey and Elizabeth Kief. This course is also provided for free, and is meant for early childhood educators and administrators in Louisiana.


Related topics (which Udemy provides) include development, design, marketing, and business. Udemy suggests those to individuals who are interested in teaching techniques, but teacher training is unlike anything else that there is on the Udemy website. Teaching courses are also available in Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, and other languages.

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