GunMate Range Bag Review 2016 – Let’s Bag it and Go!

Whether you’re headed out to the range, going down to the gun shop, or travelling to any number of places, you’ll probably be transporting your guns fairly often over the course of your life. As a gun owner, it’s safe to say that you invest a lot of time, money, and energy into ensuring that you own the firearms that are best-suited for you. With that being said, it only makes sense that you take proper care of those guns after you procure them. Part of taking proper care of your guns is making sure that you have the right means of transporting them – means like the GunMate Range Bag.

gunmate 1

GunMate Range Bag

The class and standard in gun bags, GunMate’s Range Bag is the ideal bag for your all-purpose gun and gun equipment transportation. Capable of accommodating a number of handguns as well as several different pieces of equipment, the GunMate Range Bag is versatile, practical, and useful. The bag is the perfect answer for the gun owners who have been carrying their handguns around in knapsacks or via other inferior means of transport, looking for a bag that is better and more sensible. Handguns like the Kel-Tec PLR 16, Sig Sauer P226, P228, and the Glock 17 or 19. Again, if you’re going to devote a lot of time and money to procuring the proper guns, it only makes sense to then take proper care of those guns. Think of it like this – people invest less time and money into selecting a laptop than they do their guns, and yet a larger percentage of computer owners have laptop-dedicated bags for carrying than gun owners have bags for their guns. The least you can do is ensure you give your gun the same accommodations that you do your laptop – and with the GunMate Range Bag, your gun accommodations will assuredly be first-class.

GunMate Range Bag Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Width: 16 inches
  • Height: 8 inches
  • Depth: 7 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds

GunMate Range Bag Overview

gunmate 2

GunMate Range Bag, Measured

The GunMate Range Bag can be carried by the removable shoulder strap that attaches to the bag via secure hooks and loops, or by using the handles on either side of the bag. The bag is built with three primary storage areas – a main compartment, and two side compartments.

The primary compartment is covered by a roll-up flap with zippers. The GunMate heavy duty zippers on the bag are lockable (as is dictated by a number of state laws) for secure and safe gun transportation and storage, and the side compartments of the bag come equipped with a padded pistol rug. The main compartment of the bag features two removable Velcro dividers that can be arranged to fit the specific needs of the gun owner and his or her guns. The dividers can be used to secure and store guns, or even different kinds of accessories and equipment – from eyewear, to ammunition, to attachments, there’s no shortage of possibilities when it comes to the equipment that can be secured by the bag and dividers.

It should be noted that different gun bags are intended for different purposes – some heavy duty gun users require armored transportation and electronically secure locking. The GunMate Range Bag is more suited for the everyday needs of a typical gun owner. With that being said, that doesn’t mean that the Range Bag doesn’t pack some serious punch – on the contrary, this is one of the stronger bags available, particularly in its price range. At around $25 from most gun outlets (try Amazon for your most competitive pricing), the Range Bag is easily the most competitively priced, high-end gun bag that gun owners are going to find in today’s market. It’s hard to put a price on ensuring proper gun transportation and safety, but this is a high-quality bag that won’t cost you an arm and a leg – a rarity in the gun industry in 2016.

Designed to carry anywhere from one to four handguns (four may seem like a stretch, but the bag can accommodate this number of handguns if properly utilized), the bag is made of a tough, woven material that makes for a bag that is as strong as it is handsome – not only is this an effective gun bag, it is one of the more aesthetically pleasing ones on the market as well. It will withstand some pretty serious wear and tear, too – the gun was made to handle in a number of different types of weather and conditions.

GunMate Range Bag Review 2016

gunmate 3

GunMate Range Bag in Alternate Lighting

For the first couple of years of my life as a gun owner, I would transport my handguns in downright irresponsible ways. From backpacks, to messenger bags, to duffels, I pretty much picked whatever I had around the house as my gun bag of choice. A couple of years ago my eyes were opened to the importance of owning a proper gun bag, and I can safely say that the very best one that I have used so far is the GunMate Range Bag.

For starters, you really can’t beat the price of the GunMate. Owning guns is an expensive hobby, and while you should never compromise on something as important as your gun bag for the sake of saving money, it’s a breath of fresh air to have received a high-quality product without having paid an arm and a leg for it.

As for the bag itself, it’s hard to imagine a better bag for handgun carrying than this one. Obviously personal preferences are going to weigh heavy here, but in terms of my own needs, the GunMate Range Bag is ideal. I generally carry one to three handguns to my local gun range, which the GunMate is just perfect for. It easily accommodates my extra ammunition, cap, eye protection, and hearing protection as well – basically, whatever I need to bring to the range, the GunMate fits comfortably.

I must also note that I have been using the GunMate for close to a year now – through a hard winter and in various types of settings – outdoors, in the cold, in the rain, etc. – and the bag is in just as good condition as it was in the day I brought it home from my local gun shop. The tough canvas material has withstood whatever I could throw at it – impressive, given the lack of durability I’ve seen in some of my other gun bags.

I must note two minor shortcomings in the bag, however. For starters, the bag can collapse on itself just a little if the equipment inside of it is not properly balanced – although this isn’t a common occurrence, it can make for some mildly uncomfortable carrying. Secondly, the “GunMate” signage on the bag is not to my taste – I would prefer a blacked-out bag, or at the least one with only a minor logo. This will come down to personal preferences, and it should be noted that it may be possible to remove the logo stitching if you desire, but the style and placement of the logo simply would not be my choice.

gunmate 4

GunMate Logo


As a gun owner, you count on your gun to protect you and your loved ones – give your gun the care it deserves by storing and transporting it in a proper gun bag. Gun safety and storage doesn’t end within the home – make sure your guns are not only safe, but protected by storing them in the GunMate Range Bag.

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