Udemy Online Database Courses Review

Big Data is Coming Up Big


Data makes up the entirety of the IT world that is all around us. Data is everywhere, and there are many different models used to organize and manage it. Big Data analytics have been around since the mid 1960’s, with the advent of database management systems (DBMS) which have been used to maintain and optimize the use of data. By using DBMSs, one can access data, manipulate it, rearrange it, as well as control its accessibility by other users. Entry, retrieval, deletion, addition, availability – these are all possible through the use of DBMS. Now, here's my review of Udemy's online database course.


Big Data is the name of the game.

Big Data is the name of the game.


These days, the term “database” applies to the data itself, and also to the programs used to maintain it. Over the years, different types of DBMSs have been introduced and used. Each system has its own pluses and minuses, and nowadays the most popular systems are ones which make use of Structured Query Language, or SQL for short. SQL has become a standard in the IT world, and it is used by countless companies. Managing or developing a database is a well-respected, high-paying position, and it is the cornerstone of all IT.


Udemy’s “Databases” category has a Featured page, where different kinds of popular videos are displayed, including a top student pick, top free courses, top paid courses, and several new arrivals to the category. The featured courses’ prices range from $44 to $199.


Hadoop There it is


The top student pick is a training and tutorial course in Hadoop – Become a Hadoop Developer – taught by Nitesh Jain. Nitesh is an experienced Data Analytics and Hadoop instructor. He has over 7 years of experience in the IT industry, working and providing services for many different companies.


Hadoop was released in 2013, by Apache. It is written in Java language, and is used to store and process very large sets of data, located on clusters of computers. Upon successful completion of this course, students are ready to take the Hortonworks and Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer exams, which grants them CCD-410 qualification.



The training course has had over 10,000 students so far. It includes 50 lectures, and 6 hours of video content. Nitesh provides the code for all of the programs which are discussed in the course, as well as a large pool of questions with which students can prepare for their certification exams. Other relevant Q & A is also available, in order for students to gain as much knowledge as possible, and advance further in their Hadoop studies.


Beginners Not Wanted


The skill level of this particular course is intermittent, which means that basic knowledge of databases is assumed. This course is meant not for beginners, but rather for those who wish to further themselves and/or their existing careers, and enhance their understanding of this type of DBMS. The tutorial offers quizzes, important relevant documents, and video content which makes learning interesting, easy, and fast. In an industry such as IT, where the tides and currents are constantly shifting, it is important to have understanding of Big Data. That is what this course essentially provides. Being a Hadoop developer, administrator, or data scientist is a career path which opens up many doors and opportunities. It is a job which is in high demand at the present time. IT companies are always looking for skilled Hadoop-trained employees, and Jain’s training course provides the necessary tools for successfully passing the certification exams, at the cost only $198.

No beginners! This course is for intermediate and up only!

No beginners! This course is for intermediate and up only!



Several other popular courses which are displayed in the Udemy featured section are: SQL Database MasterClass: Go From Pupil to Master! ($197), Learn SQL with Examples – Simple Select ($44), Master Big Data and Hadoop Step-By-Step from Scratch ($199), and Big Data and Hadoop Essentials (Free, also instructed by Nitesh Jain).



To the left of the featured videos are topics which are closely related to the field of database management. These are displayed so that students can inspect them, peruse them, and perhaps sign up for other courses (free and paid alike) which will benefit them in their database studies. Related topics include data & analytics, IT certification, finance, network & security, and others.

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