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It doesn’t matter whether it is a video game, a skyscraper, or an article of clothing – someone had to design it. Someone had to think it up, shape it, modify it, mold it, and send it off to be produced.

There are so many different considerations to take into account. Web design and interior design may seem totally different at first glance. They are, in fact, connected. They are both geared towards providing a certain experience. In the case of web design, the name of the game is accessibility and user friendliness. With interior design, it is about comfort and positive flow. Those who design games, much like those who design structures, clothes, and graphics, are interested in putting those who are exposed to their designs through some sort of an experience.

Udemy offers almost 2,000 design courses

Udemy offers almost 2,000 design courses

Udemy has nearly 2,000 courses on design. The front page of the Udemy design category features top free videos, top paid videos, and ones which are new or worthy of being mentioned. From creating your own website, through learning a new computer software or language, to redesigning your own life and beautifying it.

Courses vary in length and amounts of content. Examples of featured courses are User Experience Design Fundamentals ($99), Introduction to CSS Beginners guide to CSS web design (Free), Mobile App Design In Sketch 3: UX and UI Design From Scratch ($199), and How To Create Professional Kindle & Ebooks Covers With Canva ($49).

Designers are talented individuals, and Udemy seeks to take those who either want to get into the field and develop their skills, or those who are already designing and interested in advancing. Learning new computer programs and design techniques can help students reach new heights. This is why Udemy is one of the best massive online open course providers in the world.

Course Review: How to Design a Logo – a Beginners Course

One of the most popular Udemy classes within the design category is How to Design a Logo – a Beginners Course, taught by instructor Tara Roskell. It consists of 41 different lectures which come out to over 3 hours of video content. The only requirements for the course are a computer, and the full or free trial of Adobe Illustrator. No prior knowledge is needed, since the course is taught in a very friendly, step-by-step method.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

Roskell’s students learn through a project-based curriculum, and those who commit to the classes can finish the course with the knowledge they need to become a top logo designer. Students will learn how to sketch ideas quickly, how to position font and text, how to choose colors and formatting, how to work with Adobe Illustrator, and how to submit work for review by clients and peers.

The world of design is a competitive one, but for those who are willing to put forth the extra effort, and really immerse themselves in their work, it can prove to be the road to success. The freedom to be your own boss, make your own hours, gather clients and keep them happy, and find ways to make more money using your talents.

This course is taught by Tara Roskell, who has been a freelance graphic designer for the past 20 years. For 10 years, she worked for various agencies, and later decided to go out on her own and build her client base. She also maintain a graphic design blog for several years. The course has an excellent 4.8 out of 5 star rating, based on 270+ reviews. The course costs $45, and in it Roskell goes into great detail. She provides an in-depth look into what she believes are essential tips and requirements for becoming a successful graphic designer.


About the Instructor: Tara Roskell

Instructor Tara Roskell

Instructor Tara Roskell

Roskell’s goal is to train others to be creative, to get organized, and to eventually try and sell their work. Even one reviewer who gave the course three stars pointed out that the course material itself is good, but that in his case he didn’t learn anything new. “It is still a well-made course for those who are fresh to the field.” So, yes – the course may very well be beginner-oriented, but this does not mean that those with some experience in Adobe Illustrator or graphic design will be left out. After all, with 20 years of experience behind her, Roskell is a veritable guru. This remains true, in spite of the many transformations which the field of graphic design has undergone in the past 20 years. There is still a lot which a veteran and a pioneer like Tara Roskell can pass on.

The course stays relevant, and it is presented in a way that far exceeds the one-time $45 fee. With courses like these, you feel you are getting the best value for your money. Some teachers are worth investing in. Tara Roskell is one of them. Her course is short and effective, and it is the taught by a professional who knows the value of time and of getting work done.



You need to know what will get your work to stand out. What will get your designs on display, and what needs to be in order to attract the next client. Roskell’s course is introductory in nature, but it manages to encompass many facets of the business, and present them in a simple and applicable way.

This is not a course in the theory of logo design, but rather a practical and game-changing kind of course, which will have you better prepared and well-organized. In a market that is flooded with designers, and where competition is very high, knowing how to differentiate yourself from the others is vital. Learn mind mapping, brainstorming, mood boarding, and other organization skills. How to present ideas to clients, and how to finalize the deal.

These are all-important skills, which can benefit not only those who want to be graphic designers, but anyone with the drive and intention of taking themselves and their ideas to the next level.

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