Focus T25 Workout Review

Beachbody’s Focus T25 workouts aim to do just one thing – get you in shape. The goal is to get this done without forcing you to give up a couple of hours each day. This is a tall order to fill, but Beachbody’s Shaun T is up for the task. If that name rings a bell, it should. Shaun is also the creator of the oh-so-popular INSANITY workout series.

Let’s back up a bit. When Beachbody’s P90-series of at-home workouts was introduced in the 2000’s, it really took the country by storm. Everywhere you went – work, gym, online – it seemed people were talking about getting in shape with the P90 programs (and this was long before the introduction of successful sequels like P90X3!). The thing about those workouts – beneficial though they are – is that they take a huge chunk of time out of your day. That is a cold, hard fact, and that is why people were talking, rather than doing. Furthermore, many of those who began a P90 program do not see it through. More often than not, completion is simply a question of time.

1So, what can be done about those who don’t have the time? This is a valid question, because time (or lack thereof) is probably the number 1 reason why so many people who honestly want to get in shape are doing other things. Are there also psychological or physical barriers? Of course there are, but time is one of the most significant causes of setbacks and/or failure. We’ll explain how T25 saves you time without compromising results here in our Focus T25 workout review.

Focus T25 Schedule and Calendar Breakdown

Along came the T25 program. Shaun’s Focus T25 was created for those who use time as an excuse, and for those who use time as a valid, justified argument. It takes the time factor out of the equation, by giving you a short, intense, unforgiving, result-yielding 25-minute workout.

2T25 is a 10-week long program, broken into five days a week, and it can bring about real change in the way you live your life. When you are healthier, fitter, and happier, you become a better partner, a better worker, a better parent, and a better influence on yourself and your surroundings. This isn’t some cliched psycho-babble. Exercising and eating right can be a big help in re-balancing your mind and body, and that has a genuine effect on everyday life. The point is to commit, and this is true to any training program or nutrition plan. If you truly commit, you will be able to do this.

The T25 routines, and their corresponding schedule, were perfected over the course of many months. Shaun T was interested in reaching those who truly want to work out, and to that end he created a whole new series of moves and exercises, guaranteed to get you the results you want in minimal time. Not minimal effort, but minimal time. The effort is very real.

The schedule is two-phased. In phase one, also known as Alpha Cycle, five 25-minute workout DVDs will start your progress from the ground up. These are meant to help you focus on the basics, lay the foundation, and get you prepared for more intense workouts which will follow in the Beta Cycle. After five weeks of Alpha, you move on to five weeks of Beta, which is another set of more aggressive and results-driven 25-minute DVD workouts.

By the by, one of the more unpleasant things about this program is that there are “burnout” segments. Some are longer than others, but they all have one thing in common. Holy hell… it is as if the point of the burnouts is to reduce you to a sweaty, whimpering, helpless, hopeless, broken specimen of humanity. Good luck with that. With minimal hindsight, you may find them to be painfully exquisite. While you are doing them, though, it’s just painful.

  • Alpha Cycle includes Cardio, Lower Focus, Total Body Circuit, Stretch, Speed 1.0.
  • Beta Cycle includes Core Cardio, Rip’t Circuit, Dynamic Core, Upper Focus, and Speed 2.0.

Sometimes, less really is more, and that is what the Focus T25 is all about. Most of the DVDs require little or no equipment, other than weights and a mat. Do yourself a favor, and bring along a bottle of water and a towel. Now let’s break this program down, review-by-review:

Focus T25 Cardio Review

3This routine has a single objective: melt that stubborn fat. It requires no equipment, and there is zero time on the floor. It is a continuous workout, with downtime being before and after the 25-minute activity. It is a quick and ruthless explosion of cardiovascular exercises. Remember to cool down afterwards! Your heart rate shoots way up, and fast, so treat yourself right and take time to slow it down gradually.

Focus T25 Lower Focus Review

4This one also requires no equipment, and it focuses on your legs like nothing I have ever experienced. You’ll sweat, you’ll cry, you’ll moan out loud, and you’ll curse Shaun and his precious workout team. However, by the end of the program, you’ll actually be thanking Shaun. I credit Lower Focus with having the most impact in terms of upping my cardiovascular ability and strength.

Focus T25 Total Body Circuit Review

6This DVD, true to its name, works the whole body. It was hella difficult doing it a day after lower focus, and my legs were begging for mercy about 7 minutes in. I slowed down and followed the ‘modified’ performer in the video (there is one in every workout), because the important thing is to see the video through, and do it right. Form, technique, posture – these count for a lot. It is not all about the numbers, people. No equipment necessary.

Focus T25 Speed 1.0 Review

5This workout, much like the cardio one, is pretty much non-stop. There are stretch points, but no water breaks. Again, if you are at the beginning – DO allow yourself a break. Take it slow. Drink if you have to, focus on your breathing, and listen to your body. This is another non-equipment DVD, but a mat is always a good thing. It is fast-paced, intense, and without too much work done on the floor. This one keeps you moving until you want to pass out. Caution: if you do pass out, you must start over! Gotta see these videos through – no matter what.

Focus T25 Stretch Workout Review

8This routine doesn’t incinerate fat or harden muscles like other DVDs, but it is absolutely essential for present and future workouts. Balancing your workouts is important. T25 isn’t just about getting the exercise high, it is about coming down properly and maintaining good health. Calorie obliterating and muscle defining has its place, sure, but so does taking it easy. Do this routine, even if it may seem to be less-helpful, or borderline inconsequential. There are many positive results from completing it, and your body and mind will be thankful for it in the long run. Be kind to yourself. Get a soft surface. Stretch.

After five weeks (or 25 days, take your pick) of Alpha Cycle, you are presumably ready for Beta. Remember: this is your body, not Shaun’s. If you cannot handle the pace, slow down the pace. But don’t give up. Get through it. 25 minutes – no excuses. This program is called Focus T25 for a reason. If Alpha was tough, Beta is gonna kill you. You will have to concentrate and focus your efforts. Commit!

Focus T25 Core Cardio Review

9Beta routines are more core-intensive, and this cardio workout follows that pattern. Like the Alpha one, it is non-stop motion, and it is brutal. I got red so fast, and I probably stayed that way until after I showered. Funnily enough, there are visible changes in the music and the overall theme of the Beta videos. It helps convey that you are moving to bigger and better places, and fast.

Focus T25 Rip’t Circuit Review

10For this workout, you will need weights or bands and a mat. Ready to get rip’t? This routine, as Shaun says, will be working your upper body, lower body, abs, and cardiovascular endurance. This DVD has no “burnout” section, but is more focused on proper control. This routine is very reminiscent of the Alpha Total Body workout.

Focus T25 Dynamic Core Review

12I have an ongoing love/hate relationship with core exercises. On the one hand, they are really effective and exceedingly helpful when they are done right. On the other hand, I HATE them with a passion. You can see my dilemma. But, like I said, you need to focus. Beta is faster, more intense, and oh-so sweat-inducing.

Focus T25 Upper Focus Review

13After working on your legs in Alpha, you are ready to beat the hell out of your abs in Beta. Weights or bands are needed here, and you can guess as to why… This is a great workout for anyone who is ab-focused, regardless of any kind of program. I am definitely going to carry some of these moves with me onward. Or so I hope.

Focus T25 Speed 2.0 Review

10Like Speed 1.0, no equipment needed for Speed 2.0. This workout has some choreography involved, and it took me some time to get the moves right. I have to mention the music, which was just great and very much in tune with the DVD. Some workout music is so darn annoying, and I was glad this wasn’t the case here and almost never is in T25. One of the last things you want to hear when you are busy sweating and screaming is insipid “untz, untz” music.

Focus T25 Ab Intervals Review

14Some people scoff at ab workouts, but in my personal experience, they have a lot of merit. Maybe it changes from one person to another. In fact, it definitely does. But my abdominal muscles have always been easy to maintain, thankfully. Well, not maintain, really, just not let them get covered in fat. This workout is one amazing ab routine, and it is meant to be focused. There is a lot less cardio involved, and it gives you the space to execute the moves properly. Take advantage of this, and make sure you keep it tight.

Focus T25 Before and After Transformation Results

The transformation which T25 graduates undergo are usually not as dramatic as those who complete the P90X-series programs. This was the case for me as well based on what I’ve seen from P90X grads – I’ve never tackled the P90X challenge myself.

I did start getting some more muscle definition, especially during Beta Cycle. There were no amazing results physically, but mentally there definitely were. The fact that I had the drive and the motivation to continue through 10 weeks is nothing short of amazing. I didn’t think I would have ever completed a P90-series program, but now that I finished 10 weeks of Focus T25, I feel that I have the potential to actually start and finish an extreme 90-day program.

It will take me a while, though. I don’t want to do too much too fast. On the other hand, I know that if I put it off for too long, I won’t do it. It is a dilemma, and I have no idea what to do. I don’t want to start and not see the program through – no one does. Ultimately I want to gain more mass, bulk up a bit, and become more flexible and athletic than I am now. T25 has paved the road for more-lengthy workouts, and I want to ride that wave as best I can.

So, from a body and mind point of view, my transformation has been really intense, really positive, and very life-affirming. I feel I can do a lot more and be a lot more, and that kind of feeling, that kind of mindset, is worth a lot. Plus, my abs are a lot more defined now. That is for sure. Full disclosure – I didn’t partake in Shakeology or any other Beachbody ‘extras’ in order to enhance my results. It’s possible that doing so would yield better results, but I simply can’t speak to that based on my personal experiences.


Shaun T is nothing short of a genius. You can tell he worked hard on finding a good balance between different exercises and activities in crafting T25. You can tell that a lot of thought and effort has been put into creating this program, and it manages to get a lot done in a relatively short time.

The program is only 10 weeks, and while they are a tough 10 weeks, they’ll also feel like they flew by when you’ve reached the end of the program. 25 minutes a day is not only doable, but sometimes more highly recommended. I know opinions can differ, but a number of studies have shown that condensed workouts can do the body more good than dragged out ones. I suppose this can change from one body to another, but for me this was absolutely the case. I don’t have the figures and stats to show you, just my words. Give the T25 program a shot. Beachbody are upfront about everything – I am not including possibly-photoshopped before/after photos – and they even offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. Check it out. T25 can really change you life, if you want it to.

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