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Udemy Business Strategy Courses Review

Organizational & Planning charts & business graphs

A strategy can be defined in many different ways, but essentially all definitions encompass several key elements. A business strategy is defined as the decisions a company makes when it comes to discuss its business objectives and the ways of achieving them. A good strategy will include the clear definition of goals, as well as […]

Udemy Home Business Courses Review

home business

According to the Small Business Administration, approximately 543,000 new businesses get started each month in the United States. Many won’t succeed. People like the idea of starting their own businesses and being their own bosses, but starting a business is tough, and people don’t necessarily know what they are getting themselves into when they file […]

Udemy Business Law Courses Review

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Business law is a branch of law that deals with businesses and companies. It examines how they are formed, bought or sold, how they function, and how they operate within their specific geographical location and market. There are a multitude of classes available on Udemy, including almost 60 Udemy business law courses. The business law landing page […]

Udemy Operations Courses Review


To operate is to work. Simply put, the meaning of the word ‘operations’ is ‘ways of working’. In other words, it is a way to get a job done. We all have some sort of routine in our job. Whether our line of work is in service, retail, manufacturing, nonprofit / for profit – most […]

Udemy Data and Analytics Courses Review

featured big-data-analytics

Data and Analytics This field  is exactly what it sounds like – technology dealing with information. Information is everywhere, and it comes in many different forms. In many cases, what is needed is a way to sift through the data. Combing the data for useful information is what data analysis is all about. The Udemy […]

Udemy Media Courses Review

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Media has always had a big influence on people’s lives. Ever since the internet came into the picture, however, it went from being a big influence to being an incredibly big influence. These days, we are surrounded by media pretty much 24/7, for better or for worse. Media, Everywhere One aspect which gained an immense […]

Udemy Sales Courses Review

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There’s an old joke: Selling something you have to someone who wants to buy it – that’s not a sale. But selling something you don’t have to someone who doesn’t want to buy it? Now that’s a sale! Selling is an art. And it is one which is constantly being perfected. The purpose of any […]

Udemy Development Courses Review

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PC magazine defined development tools as “software that assists in the creation of new software. Compilers, debuggers, visual programming tools, GUI builders, and application generators are examples”. It is essential to learn how to use the tools that are available, in order to be able to create even more advanced software. This software, in turn, […]

Udemy Communication Courses Review

featured communication

Communication is the foundation of relationships. It is the foundation of all interaction. Our abilities to communicate our thoughts, emotions, desires, and imagination – in so many ways, too! – are what separate us from the rest of the animal kingdom, in a very big way. Over the years, human beings have found many ways […]